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Products Used in This Case Study

We helped Swift bond the structural lips of a GRP closed mould for a fuel filler cap to an existing filler cap lid

SCIGRIP, a global supplier of adhesive solutions, has been working with The Swift Group in the production of the Esprit Motorhome. As a leading manufacturer of caravans, motorhomes and holiday homes in the United Kingdom, The Swift Group is synonymous with the provision of high quality and well-engineered products and vehicles.

Both companies have worked in partnership for around 3 years with SCIGRIP supplying a range of products for various vehicle applications. Swift was therefore already familiar with SCIGRIP’s capabilities and when they faced a bonding challenge during the production of their latest Esprit motorhome, they turned to SCIGRIP’s team of technicians for advice.

Swift were seeking a tough, reliable product that would bond the structural lips of a GRP closed mould for a fuel filler cap to an existing filler cap lid. This component would be located on the side of the vehicle. No mechanical fasteners or fixings were to be used in the assembly of the fuel filler and weight considerations were critical.

SCIGRIP’s fast cure and high strength product SG5000-06 was specified and selected for the task.  It features a MMA based 1:1 mix ratio with high viscosity ensuring a ‘non-sag’ application. SG5000 is capable of bonding on metals, coated metals and GRP parts and requires minimal surface preparation, perfectly fitting Swift’s construction criteria.

The Swift Group is renowned for undertaking the most rigorous testing programmes in the motorhome industry to ensure the design and engineering of their products achieve the highest standards. “SCIGRIP supplied us with a bonding solution that delivered on every level. In performance terms SG5000 was second to none and has completely eradicated the need for any fasteners in the bonding of our fuel filler caps. In terms of service, we are always assured of fresh supplies, short lead times and ample quantities of product whenever we need it”, comments Bill Kirby, GRP Engineer, The Swift Group.



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